Sheppard Pottery is located in Gatineau Quebec, Canada.

Much of my inspiration comes from my home province of Newfoundland. Growing up there instilled in me a love of nature, rugged landscapes, ocean, and fresh ocean air.  While living in Quebec may have distanced me from the ocean, my current home has the Ottawa River in sight, and with daily walks in the woods along the river I look for the same calm found at the edge of the Atlantic.  It is this feeling that I try to convey in my tableware, which is intended for everyday use.  I use simple design such as lines, circles and flowers in repetition to evoke a meditative quality.

The house pieces are intended to be quiet, contemplative forms, to hold memories, and feelings of peace and security.  They have evolved from open tower forms to smaller, more intimate pieces that can be held in the hand--containers that hold small objects of special significance...a beach stone or shell, a piece of jewellery, a note from a loved one... 

The buttons, yarn bowls and sheep-ware evolved from my love of knitting, spinning, weaving, and all things fibre.